Why Chasing?

Why is the cliché
“Chasing your dreams”?
Why is it not
“Falling for your dreams”?
We chase, trip, and get lost
In love. 
But we fall in our dreams. 
For when you fall,
You have to pull, scrap,  and climb
Your way back up.
And only then are your dreams realized.



You are braver than you know.

Wiser than you think.

Stronger than your body.

More patient than…no, you need to work on that.

Your faith my waiver, but you always know there home is.

Your inner beauty is what creates your outer beauty.

You are a sublime outcast of my own design,

made to blend, but never belong.

You belong to me.

I AM who makes you all of the above.

I love you.

Not Worth It


for what?

There is no comparison

Where words will not reach.

Bridges exist

solely because of the whispered sketches

of the mind.

Empty and shallow role models

are pictures of ancient statues,

one-dimensional mimics of a

history that so desperately wishes

to have all it’s former glory,

with none of the effort.

The greatest achievement,

the greatest life,

would be one that others strive to emulate.

One full of light, hope and love;

not hatred, bitterness, and frivolousness.

This could very well be

the rambling dream of a

bubble-headed girl,

who needs to learn the imperativeness

of normalcy and logic.

Not worth it.