New Project

Switch it up.

Shush the self doubt.

Just Write.

New Genre.

New tone.

New Project.

The giddiness feels a bit


I love it!


Welcomed Chances

Change is a chance

that few welcome

with open arms

and a bottle of whiskey.

It is rather through

tight smiles and gritted teeth

that newness crosses the threshold.

It is a wonder that change does not retreat,

to leave the people alone

as they so obviously want

to be.


That a grown adult

could be brought to hot angry

tears and rushed words,

Not too unlike a childish tantrum.

Reverting to past ways

in an endeavor

to have a rally

of welcomes for this

newly introduced possibility.

When equipped with optimism and enthusiasm

like a child,

life often disappoints

with it’s frugality of

chances given,

of the first or second variety.

Take what’s given,

that’s what the saying demands.

When the old finds the new

to be an encroachment

on the life it was so comfortable with,

time and patience,

and a bit tongue,

are most likely the remedies needed

to be given a chance,

and a sincere welcome

from all parties, or at least most parties.

For in my experience,

that which has to be fought for,

that which seems the most difficult task,

and that which strains your heart a little,

is that which ends up being

a great blessing.