The Stifling Grasp of Quiet

What you get

is directly proportionate

to what

you give.

This is not always the case.

You can be

the kind of person

that gives everything

of yourself

and yet,

receives very little

from those around you.


you can be that


that gives nothing

and gets almost everything.

When it comes to the

inconsistency of

the human experience,

it’s nice to know

that there is one

thing in which

the above cliche

is absolutely true.


The inspiration

that fuels a project

will only multiply

as you receive the

satisfaction of giving

away a piece of your soul.


the reverse is true as well.

Lazy and uninspired thoughts

breed like cockroaches

under a dumpster full of

the decaying bodies of

once great ideas.

This is me.

Trying to give of myself

so that I may receive

a glimmer of creativity.

That is my hope.

That is my prayer.

Because for me,

to live without inspiration

is to be slowly

strangled by the grip of


and silent



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