Pause Button

I have already written of the human need to control that which we cannot.


Just one of the many entities that cannot be seen or touched, but has more power and lasting effects than a hydrogen bomb.

It is in those moments when you feel the smallest and most isolated–standing before an ancient monument that defies modern engineering and not being allowed to take a picture; huffing and puffing at the top of a hiking trail while you tether yourself to a tree so you can look down the cliff and see the huge trees growing out of the cracks in the lava stone cliffs; or saying goodbye to someone you care for–that you desperately wish time could really be stopped, like in the movies.

Which of course, no matter how hard I have believed, it cannot be done.

What a downer, right?


Time may not be courteous enough to slow down when we want it to, but then again, isn’t that the point? We wouldn’t want our heart to stop just for a couple of minutes would we?

With each millisecond everything is evolving, rejuvenating, and consuming through the time on which we all feed.

To me, that is so mind-blowingly gorgeous! Change, while terrifying, and sometimes painful, is a step forward, whether it seems like it, or not.

Time is a sneaky little minx. Stalking in and around our cells, our relationships, the gears in our cars, and the molecules of the earth beneath our feet. As many times as I wish I could freeze it, it would be no good, because it is the passing of time that makes every moment, every sight, and every heartbeat a miracle.

So stop trying to push the pause button, and take in life as it comes upon you in a tsunami of uncontrollable, unyeilding, and the completely inspiring passing of time.


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