Missed Moments

Oh the frailty of man’s brain!

When faced with a moment so sublime, so awe-inspiring, we cannot enjoy it.

After a day, which can be best described as a summer beer commercial. Including the beach, the beer, campfire, smiles, and of course, grown adults giggling as they splash around in the water.

Everything grew quiet as someone yelled, “Wow, look at that!”

The saying, “Every cloud has a silver lining,” is a lie.

The sun burst through the otherwise overcast day, and golden iridescence seared the outline of the tiny cloud into my memory. Receding waves of the lowering tide crashed upon the beaten sand, that at places resembled the markings of a great siberian tiger. The light haloed the rock outcroppings, one that looked like a drowned wizard’s hat, another that looked like a man’s face (he will not be giving his plastic surgeon a favorable review).

And then it happened, people stopped absorbing this breath of natural majesty. A clawing voice ripped me from my solitary reflection, and through the communal silence, asking me to write a sonnet about the sunset. Lame. There was bickering about someone taking pictures with their phone at the very least. I conceded, but the camera did not give satisfaction.

And how could it? A camera, no matter how big the lens & how advanced the tech, cannot capture anything like the miraculous mechanism of the human eye. It isn’t about aperture, exposure, and composition.

Time cannot be trapped, cannot be held in your hand, or in a microchip. That picture is a fraud, a replica that will never even come close to matching up to the real moment; and to think that some people will voluntarily miss out in the pursuit of freezing time.


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