Those Words

How many miracles

can one girl ask for?

Or rather,

why do I expect

all the miracles

that I ask for,

in the manner I ask for?

I have


I have

loved ones.

I have

a ridiculous

amount of blessings.

It wasn’t the


that led me to


to wish upon that

sparkling northern miracle star…

it was the dread of

well meant encouragement,

those words that

are filled with love,

and support.

Those words that

constrict my throat muscles,

and make my lips very rigid

for fear of letting out

the words

the stupid words

that have everything

to do with my own


and nothing to do

with those words,

and the goodness behind those words.

Those words,

which are full of

more than the best intentions,

bring out the worst in me.


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