Dear Writer’s Block

I would like to start off this letter by stating that you are not an actual “block” to me. More like a road “check-point” in a politically unstable country.

Today you made me anxious, self-defeating, and worst of all, you made me doubt my writing; which has always been a security blanket of mine.

Well guess what? I passed. My pages, after being looked over with a suspicious eye, passed right on by! So you may have slowed my progress, but you have not imprisoned me!

I know you’re famous & all, and don’t really care if you take this the wrong way, but you might want to consider changing your name. Writer’s Check-Point has a nice ring. Because even though you cause anxiety, stress, doubt, self-consciousness, and lack of motivation; you also make a writer slow down and really concentrate on every word. Sometimes this is like a slow nightmare, but today I passed through that check point without a fire-hose interrogation, and found a renewed belief in what I’m doing.

Thankfully and Truly not yours,



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