I Never Would’ve Thought…

It hit me today as to how the majority of my thoughts are ones that, as a child, I never could have imagined would cross my mind at 23 years old.

  • The thought of getting married any time soon is terrifying. 
  • I have no clue where I am going to end up in a year.
  • Why does it seem like everyone is losing their humanity?
  • I am 99% certain that the probability of me marrying an actual royal is the same probability of winning the lump sum of 100 million dollars from the lottery when I never buy lotto tickets.
  • It is ridiculous that young adults make such a big deal about asking a person to be their boyfriend/girlfriend, it is 5-7 words, blurt them out and be done with it!
  • I am single, and finding that special someone, not really at the top of my list.
  • Why is it that when hanging out with people, everyone is on their phones the whole time? (Cells weren’t really a thing to look at when I was a kid.) Do they know that I could be writing down stories and ideas, instead of playing conversational tug-a-war with a piece of technology!
  • Skills and interests: writing, cooking, reading, all outdoor activities, working with children, traveling, singing, theater, art, people skills, great at cleaning, hard working, people pleaser…yikes, I have a future as a trophy wife.
  • Are we ever going to let teens think that it’s okay to learn who you are outside of a relationship?
  • Cats can be creepy, I mean they always look like they are planning something. If I was seriously injured, and a house cat showed up on the scene, it would be to lick my wounds, and not in a comforting way!
  • I have got to find a way to get on shark week, so I can dive with as many types of sharks as possible!
  • Is no one else concerned with how high boy bands sing?
  • This world is so violent, and it only seems to be getting worse…I’m afraid for my future children.
  • I wish I could wear a cute rainbow shirt without people jumping to conclusions.
  • It’s too bad that I am too short to play a princess at Disneyland, I got the wave down.
  • Tinkerbell is kind of a bitch, is it bad that’s the reason she’s one of my favorites?

There were some more serious ones, but those are so boring.


2 thoughts on “I Never Would’ve Thought…

  1. Liz Brannan says:

    Laughing so hard at this, love it!

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