From the Latin Root “Exasperare”

My intention ,

is not one of offense,

or of taking offense.

But the result of

my actions and reactions,

is nothing but.

The words churn

in my mind

like dirty clothes

in a washing machine

full of swamp water.

What was intended

getting sullied by

what is anticipated.


emotional exhaustion,

unrelated frustrations,

misconstrued intonation,


and pride,

a lethal combo that turns

the simplest of phrases

into the most appalling insult.

I cannot go

through a day lately

without some fight ,

imagined or real


This frustration only

magnified by my now

dimming excitement

in my current pursuit

for self improvement.


on all accounts.


References Available Upon Request

The career searching process is baffling to me. Most employers state that they are looking for “well-rounded” employees, yet the standard format of a resume (which I mostly threw out my opened window) and a cover letter is so formal and quantified. How is it possible to see if I am a well-rounded person if society’s rules for how to present my employment eligibility is caged up in bullet points of statistics and facts?

Yes I write my past and present accomplishments with colorful yet professional language, and I know that I can put a section of “hobbies” or “other skills”, but even then, I feel like I am giving a bland description. Besides, most employers would skip over that and look at my job experience, which of course is in none of the fields I am trying to pursue. I wish it was professional to say “What I lack in job experience, I make up for in life experience!”

Below is what I would list off in the “hobbies” section, how I was taught is the acceptable form of what is supposed to be a one-liner section, and then how I really want to present it.


Travel, outdoor activities, art and theater, cooking, writing, and adventure.


Traveling to other countries has been something that I have been blessed with. I have been down the Amazon River, through the Panama Canal, visited Costa Rico and an island that made me seriously doubt that Jurassic Park was strictly fictional, Mexico was fun, Italy made me want to cry from it’s beauty, New Zealand was nothing but amazing natural adventures, and every time I get to explore more of my country my gratitude for living in the US grows. Basically, I love to travel not only to see the beauty in the world, but to discover cultures, not through pamphlets in a 4-star hotel lobby, but by going and finding it.It follows suit that I love outdoor activities, hiking, biking, swimming, snowboarding, shooting guns, paddle-boarding,¬†picnicking, and in general just soaking up the wonders around me.

It is not always necessary to go out into nature to witness those things that give you a different perspective on life. At a young age I started my love affair with art, music, and theater. In my mind these are the things that have allowed humans to express themselves in a way that reaches out to others, and dives into the psyche of each individual.

I have Italian blood in me, cooking, sharing food and drink, that is love.Writing is my venue, it is what has always been there, what has always made sense and happiness in my life.

Adventure, I am aware that technically this is not a hobby, but it sounds a whole lot better than “having fun”. To be completely honest, I wasn’t supposed to live past my first week, so it is a goal of mine to continually remind myself that every moment, every experience, and every day is an opportunity for new adventures; and it is up to me to have the courage to embrace that, to not fear the bite of life.

Thank you for taking the time of reading my resume. If you didn’t infer from the quantified facts and statistics, I am a people person, I learn fast, I am bold, and I am the person you are looking for.

References available upon request.

Wrecking Ball

How 5’2″ can have the force of 5010N is a mystery to me. Truly, I am not trying to be melodramatic…but to be honest, I love hyperbole. Lately everything I touch is at risk of being cracked, smashed, punctured, and all around obliterated. Did I get exposed to gamma rays and not know it?

Balancing four full plates on my arms used to be a secondary action that required little thought, now washing a wine glass is the equivalent of handling a glass atom bomb. The day that I can do something, and the words, “Well, it is the thought that counts,” isn’t the response is desperately needed.

It is a human tendency to feel bad for yourself when things aren’t going the way you want, and I got over the fact that my life is not where I want it to be, and I acknowledge that God’s will for me is bigger and better than anything I could imagine…but now I am combating the childish want to pout, because I can’t even do the dishes, defrost a refrigerator, or pass the remote without wrecking something. If nothing else, I have a promising future in demolition derbies!

I guess my hands turning into huge green smashing tools whenever I try and do something is salt and gravel scratching at the scab I am trying so hard not to pick.