The World Needs More Artists

The world needs more artists, not art, well I guess, but more people who are not afraid to feel, and to express, and to ignite other people’s hopes and dreams.

I am not talking about pretentious art-makers that enjoy using unnecessary big words to condescend people who dare to look at a painting without knowing the painter’s life story and exact techniques.

I’m talking about the people that create things that inspire, or even seek inspiration out of everything.

This world is harsh, and growing harsher by the day. First with the Clackamas Town Center shooting, which was far too close to home, and then with the heartbreaking Newtown shooting, after the horror of it sunk in, my thought was, “How did society get to this point?”

I have been told by very logic-centered people, (who think I am a silly bubble brain with her scribblings and smiles) that this world’s problems would be solved if humans had no emotions. These people certainly have never read Brave New World, or seen the movie Equilibrium. Emotion is our humanity, our ability to connect, and genuinely care about others is what makes life worth while.

Both of the shooters acted alone.

Both of the shooters committed suicide, after causing irreparable damage to the lives of those present.

The only explanation I can logically think of for these events is that those two young men, (who were probably experiencing the same frustrating quarter-life crisis that I am going through) had taken emotion out of the question. Denying themselves the God given outlet for expression. That is the only way I can even try to process how these shooters even thought about pulling the trigger. As a very large portion of the world’s literature has shown us, to deny something that is part of your DNA, part of the very fibers that God stitched you together with, you will lose every ounce of self respect, hope, love, and honor that you have.

I have been praying for the victims of these shootings, and for the shooters themselves. I feel bad that our society somehow cornered them, that darkness was all that they could have seen, and that they were pushed to such a despairing end. My base, temper driven instinct thought, “Why did they have to kill others before they turned the gun on themselves?” A thought for which I know I am not alone, but that doesn’t make it right. My christian instinct said, “Pray for them and their families,” because the shooters’ families are victims as well, because acts like these don’t get forgotten, and unfortunately all of us are very quick to put the sins of one family member against the whole family. They are mourning the loss of a loved one as well, not only because they too lost a son, brother, nephew, or grandson; but because society will never let them forget that right before they lost a person they loved dearly, that person lost his humanity and ripped others out of this world as well.

Our society needs more artists. The world has become too calculated, too focused on the destination, too calloused and isolated from others. Society needs to learn how to breath again. Needs to learn that it is okay to look up from the sidewalk, to admire the architecture around you, to breath deeply the air, and to smile at complete strangers. We all need to mix in a little bit of artist in our morning coffee, and see the world with fresh eyes, seeking what we can learn from our surroundings, and something positive we can give it.

Love as best you can. Hope with every atom of your existence. Love everyone in anyway you can to brighten their day. See the silver lining before you notice the clouds. Believe in mankind’s ability for good again. Create. Whether it is a basilica in Italy, a carved walking stick, a book, a paper airplane, a sharktopus (least encouraged option here), a smiley face on a post it note, or a smile on a kid’s face. Go  connect to those around you, and make something bright and good happen today, that is the sentiment of artists that is needed.

God bless you and all those suffering from the shootings, may the Christmas season bring light back in our hearts.