List of Thoughts (Scary, I know)

  1. I’m currently procrastinating working on my book at a critical moment in the plot. Half because I want to give my brain a breather, and half because I’m frustrated with the images and words my brain is coming up with. 
  2. Making a family cookbook is not as easy as I thought. Sure I knew there would be a ridiculous amount of recipes to type into the program, but do so many of them have to be in 70 year old calligraphy? The printing press, type writer, and computer are all inventions that could have made some of the recipes on impossibly thin paper easier to read.
  3. Time doesn’t fly. It teleports.
  4. Will my grandchildren know who Jane Austen, Edgar Allan Poe, Mary Shelley, Frank Sinatra, Bing Crosby, BB King, Jimmy Hendrix, Gene Kelly, or Judy Garland are? This concerns me.
  5. Why do people victimize sharks, making them look like monsters, when they regulate the ecosystems of all the oceans, and consequently the world!? Fun fact: You have more chance being killed by an elk than by a shark. Seriously though, don’t mess with deer or elk. I know Bambi makes them look cute, but they can kick and rip at you from all sides with their rock hard hooves and scary antlers, and then jump over your head and pose for a National Geographic picture munching on some daisies. And do you know where you’ll be? You’ll be trying to find your teeth, so keep your distance.
  6. The farther I get through life, the more sense it makes that the Greeks made the god of strategic war a woman.
  7. I understand the convenience of fake plants, but I just feel a lack of confidence and commitment when I look at them.
  8. What would the world be like if raccoons and dogs switched places? Just imagine people getting their raccoons, badgers, and possums groomed, and running away from a cockapoo eating some trash. Or the great portraits of english gentlemen with their hunting ferrets. How silly.
  9. Why when trying to sound profound does everything sound so ridiculous? It might be the soothing music in the background that is trying to put me to sleep.
  10. The problem with creating multi-dimension characters is that once I give them a brain of their own they start to tell me what to do, where they want to go, and suddenly the story isn’t mine anymore, but theirs. I guess this should be exciting to me. I try my best to keep my cool whilst fighting with fictional characters of my own creation, but the fact that I am having disputes with fictional characters is frustrating.
  11. I’m not schizophrenic, if you were wondering. I’m just a writer, it’s a completely different sort of insanity all together.

That’s all I got right now, I have forced myself to get back to work and act like a considerate general to my characters.


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