Would Jesus Tune in?

I was at a church gathering last night called Fragua. My friend Kevin gave the message, it was about having a oneness in all aspects of life. The visual that hit me the most, and thus inspired this post, was the thought of being in a reality TV show. He asked, “If your life was a reality TV show, would you want Jesus to tune in and watch?”

An interesting concept really. What kind of reality TV show would your life be? Do you allow yourself to be surrounded by constant drama, like Dance Moms, or any of the series that have the word “wives” in the title? Or how about the party lifestyle like Jersey Shore? Then there are the competition shows like America’s Next Top Model, Project Runway, Toddlers and Tiaras (oh I went there), and The Amazing Race. What is the focus of your life? What character/characters are you in the show? Are you the person that only wants to drink and hook up with randos,the two-three-four-maybe-seven faced person that is never genuine with anyone, or the person that is perpetually cutting down those around you to feel better about yourself? Is winning everything to you, so much so that you are past the point of a healthy competitive spirit and have stumped to sabotaging and ridiculing the competitors to ensure you get the win?

This isn’t just a show that you would have to worry what your friends and family think about it. The reality show I’m talking about would have God in it’s audience, and He can see and hear what you think. I’m not saying that God isn’t with us always, but what I’m saying is…are we aware of how our thoughts and actions affect God?

I know most of the time I’m not aware. It is a lot easier to be present with God in prayer, and then ignore Him the rest of the day. This is a challenge to me, and you if you so choose, but I want to be able to lay down at the end of my day and replay everything, every action, word, and thought that happened and be able to say, “I believe God would like this episode.”

We are all going to have those days when our conscience gets thrown in the ocean like Jimniy Cricket, when we are too tired to care what words we say, or if our actions are harmful to us or others. The key is to make the next day count, make it the big heartfelt apology episode. Because if there is one thing that reality TV teaches us, it’s that putting up different masks with different people will come back and bite you in the ass.

Strive to have the balance in life that allows you to be one person. You.

Thank you for tuning in to this post, and blog. God, thanks for tuning into my life.


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