Fallen Giant


I saw the fallen giant

as the snow came down.

His roots an intricate tapestry

of shallow beauty.

If only they had dug deeper.

If only they had fought

the icy winds of deception

that convinced the giant to

take it’s face from the heavens

and rest it’s head on the ground.

The snaky vines probably attacked

as soon as the giant clumsily

let it’s body hit the soggy moss

laden tree-coffin.

I wonder if they whispered

comforting words as they

tied the giant down.

I wonder if he even

realizes that he will never

touch the sky,

or talk to the clouds again.

Thank you God for giving

me roots that dig

deep into rich earth.

I know that when the

tempting winds of deception

come and try to

bend me beyond repair,

a branch or two may

break, but I will

never fall.

The knots of my life

are the scars that

remind me to keep

my eyes on you.


2 thoughts on “Fallen Giant

  1. DeBBie Hicks says:

    I met your Dad today who gave me a card to your blog…I wondered why at first…then went to this site….this is absolutely beautiful!!!…I’ll be watching you!!!

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