Future on Point

“The Junior Division bronze medalists…”

I’ve never played the ‘what if,’ game. Everyone plays that game. I don’t. My future was set at age four. My first dance class was at age three, my potential shined through after one year. One order of Star-Shine-Future coming up.

“Christine Shevchenko of the United States of America, Kayo…”

What if, what if, what if. What if I never begged my parents to let me go to dance class? What if I went out for sports instead? Would I have friends to hang out with? Would I have feet that aren’t covered in band-aids?

“Silver medalists, Denys Cherevychko of Ukraine…”

Would I have a dog? Do I even like animals? They seem like a lot of work. Would I actually be home enough to hang out with my parents?  I do love dance. It is my life. But, what if…

“And the Junior Division gold medalist is Isaac Hernandez of Mexico…”

What about boys? Would I have time to hang out with the opposite sex? I mean the majority of guys in the dance world are attracted to the same gender that I’m attracted to. What if I had time to go on dates? Would they try and hold my hand? What about kissing? Do guys still ask your dad before asking you to go on a date?

“Now for the Senior Division medalists…”

I think I can balance things. I mean I don’t want a guy that can’t take my schedule. Look at my parents, my mom was not going to quit medical school to go out with my dad; and he didn’t want to stop traveling for work, but somehow their schedules aligned. I just have to find a nice, responsible, handsome, trustworthy, loyal, strong man that is fine with a girlfriend that goes to school and dances 30 hours a week. That shouldn’t be too hard should it?

“Bronze medalists, Yui Yonezawa of Japan…”

Not school, you don’t go to school. Ally you just got your GED remember? Nothing’s in the way of your career. Nothing. Nothing at all.

“Silver medalists, Jurgita Dronina of Lithuania, and Brooklyn Mack of the United States of America.”

My life is amazing. My life is great. I don’t have a boyfriend, I don’t have any friends outside of dancing, I have never had pets, and I don’t have time to have any other hobbies than watching late night sci-fi movies. But you know what, I have supportive parents, my friends actually know what I go through, I spend my time doing my life’s passion, and my future career is all but set. My life is wonderful.

“And now the Senior Division International Ballet Competition gold medalists of 2006…”

No matter how many times I say ‘what if,’ my life is not going to magically change. I wear ballet slippers, tap shoes, jazz shoes, hip hop sneakers, and lyrical flats. Not glass slippers. Anyway, I don’t want change. I love me, I love the person I am. Yes my body is pretty much flat…everywhere. Yes my feet are ruined from going on point. Yes my hair will always have to be competition perfect. And yes, I will always feel more comfortable in a leotard then in jeans.

“Daniil Simkin of Germany, and…”

I am a dancer. I move with grace and pose, not from desire, but from reflex. Stage lights hit me and my soul bursts with anticipation. Each movement melts into the next. I am a sea of light and joy. I am the rising, spinning, and reaching phoenix. I am a dancer, and I am ready.

“Alexandra Gala of the United States of America.”

I am ready for my life to begin.


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