Sibling Lessons

“How cute! What are they called?”


“I’m going to ask Santa for one this Christmas!”

“Do you not see how they have tied everyone up?”

“Not the gold guy.”

“He’s a droid, and his name is C3PO.”

“So I’ll wear gold and teach it like a dog!”

“Okay have fun with that. I’m not coming to the rescue when it makes a spear from your bed post.”

“I’m going to ask mom and dad!”

“Wait, don’t waste an opportunity.”

“What is an opportunity?”

“If you ask for a fictional character like an Ewok, mom and dad will tell you to keep watching the movie and pick the one you want.”

“That black and white baby one!”

“But if you ask them for something like a fairy or, I don’t know, a singing monkey, maybe they’ll think your so cute for asking that we’ll go to Disneyland for your birthday. That’s an opportunity, maybe even a golden one.”

“But what’s a fix-on-all charactor?”

“Fictional means it’s made-up.”

“But Ewoks aren’t pretend. They’re from Andora, that’s between Spain and France, and that’s in Your-rope.”


“Mrs. Mac showed my class a map today.”

“Ewoks are from Endor.”

“I don’t think you said that right.”

“It’s a made-up planet in this movie.”

“Hmmm. Where do fairies live?”

“Well in books they are usually somewhere in the UK. Will you be quiet now, I’m trying to watch this.”



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