Bag of Peas

The afternoon sun leaked light through the glass sliding doors, brightening the kitchen where a little girl and her mother sat eating lunch.

“Mommy, why can’t I have a bag of peas? I really like peas.”

“Because mommy is using the peas right now Sweetie.”

“Maybe later?”

“Hopefully never.”

“What do you mean mommy? “

“Nothing baby, why don’t you eat up your lunch so that we can watch Beauty and the Beast.”

“Okay! I love Belle, her dress is so pretty, when I get married I am going to have a dress like Belle’s.”

“That’s nice baby, but you do have to eat you food in order to survive to marry someone. I wanna hear less chatting, and more chewing alright?”

“Okie Dokie mommy.”

The two sat, one with a bag of peas, and the other chewing a grilled cheese sandwich.

“Where is daddy? He always eats lunch with us, after kindergarten.”

“Daddy has a lot on his plate today.”

“No he doesn’t, mommy he’s not eating lunch with us.”

“I mean he has a lot of work to do.”


“But he won’t always be busy.”

“I don’t like it when daddy is busy.”

“I don’t either my angel, I don’t either.”


“Yes Hun.”

Fidgeting with her napkin, the little girl focused her eyes on the bee that was fluttering by the door.“Oh I forget, can we watch the movie, I’m not hungry anymore.”

“But Sweets you still have half of your sandwich left, can you try and finish it for me?”

“I want to eat peas.”

“I told you mommy is using the bag of peas.”

“I wish you didn’t have to use the bag of peas.”

“I don’t want you thinking such things sweetheart, let’s watch the movie.”

“I will eat a little bit more, daddy wouldn’t like it if he heard that I didn’t finish my grilled cheese. He doesn’t like hearing that when he’s busy does he mommy?”

“Your daddy would understand if you weren’t hungry anymore hunny, you don’t have to finish it if you don’t want to.”

“But you said that daddy’s busy.”

“Yes I did, but he is not too busy to talk to you and understand. Anyway I wouldn’t tell him you didn’t finish your sandwich.”

“I won’t have to use the peas?”

“I will never let you use the peas. You are your daddy and mine’s little angel, so you never have to worry about using the peas, never you hear me?”


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