Sparkled and Spiked

I glint and smile back

With the fury of confidence she

sometimes is without.

I have all the strength and grace

Of a shark, and the beguiling appearance of a


As your finger glides over my luxurious

Soft hide you may think me

Delicate, but there is no

Achilles heel here;

Only the tips of warriors’

Spears, and the jewels of royalty.

I support her as she steps out,

Shield her from the arrows

Of self doubt, and past memories.

I prop her up higher as she falters.

I am what my master would be

If she too was made of leather,

Rhinestones, and spikes.

Listen to my flirtatious clinking as I walk by.

Look at my shining pride as she saunters

Tall and brave.

I am no glass slipper.

I am her battle cry.


2 thoughts on “Sparkled and Spiked

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